The first 100 days of college is a time of major change

It's exciting and sometimes challenging. This all new online course teaches students the life and study skills essential to successfully navigating this critical time

The transition from high school to college is full of unpredictable events. For students, high school is a known, safe environment with well-established daily routines, with parents, friends and teachers usually providing a deep support system. Conversely, colleges can be large, bewildering places, with routines, locations, teachers and friendships that are all new. Without trusted support systems, students at all levels of academic ability find themselves struggling to adapt to the volume of change in their lives, and to their increased role in taking responsibility for their actions.
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18 fun and esay to absorb lessons

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Jim Randel

Jim Randel

Jim Randel, the founder of RAND Media Company, is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law, and has been both an entrepreneur and commentator about entrepreneurs for twenty-five years. In 2008, Jim founded RAND Media Company, a publishing company geared toward creating content that distill important topics into a simple and readable illustrated format. RAND Media Company publishes the "Skinny On" series which are pictorial explanations of complicated subjects in a simplified, easy-to-understand format, such as time management, willpower, success and credit cards. The first book in the series (The Skinny on the Housing Crisis) was Book of the Year in 2009 as awarded by the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Jim has also written Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma which was also honored as Book of the Year for Young Adults by the Institute of Financial Literacy. His three MONEY books have been used by educators and corporations to explain financial principles to employees and students.